WDMA's Industry Standards and Test Methods

The Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) plays a crucial role in standardizing manufacturing guidelines and requirements for products within the window, door, and skylight industry. 

Our Role and Responsibilities 

  • Industry Standards Development: WDMA develops a variety of industry standards and test methods, ensuring consistency and quality across the sector. 
  • ANSI-Accredited: As an ANSI-accredited standards developer (SDO), we adhere to rigorous procedures for creating and maintaining these standards. 
  • Current Responsibilities: WDMA serves as the secretariat for three key standards, utilizing our ANSI-accredited standards development procedures to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. 

Through our dedicated efforts, we help maintain high manufacturing standards and support the industry's commitment to excellence. 

WDMA Procedures for Developing the ANSI Canvass Process 

WDMA has established procedures for developing standards utilizing an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved process.  Our procedures guide the development process and set the expectations for anyone participating in the standards development process. These procedures are documented in the Window & Door Manufacturers Association Procedures for Developing American National Standards Using the Canvass Process. The WDMA procedures have been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and meet the requirements found in the ANSI Essential Requirements meeting the basic tenets of ANSI standards development which include: Openness, Balance, Due Process, Consensus, and the Right to appeal.  

WDMA Antitrust Guidelines

The WDMA is committed to full compliance with federal and state antitrust laws. WDMA requires that American National Standards be developed following applicable antitrust and competition laws and that meetings amongst competitors to develop American National Standards be conducted per these laws. WDMA’s Antitrust Guidelines are available for download.

Current WDMA Standards In Development

ANSI/WDMA I.S.1A-21 -Industry Standard for Interior Architectural Wood Flush Doors

ANSI/WDMA I.S.6A-21 -Industry Standard for Interior Architectural Stile and Rail Doors

WDMA I.S.12A -Industry Standard for Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Doors and Frames 

Published WDMA standards can be found and purchased through the WDMA Store.