WDMA Releases 2022 National Policy Agenda [Unpublished]

This morning WDMA released their 2022 WDMA National Policy Agenda, a comprehensive advocacy agenda which outlines important policy priorities for the window, door, and skylight industry that will boost the housing and construction industry and support continued job creation in the vital U.S. manufacturing sector.

"As we enter a third year of the pandemic, and in the face of a persistent shortage of adequate available labor coupled with unresolved challenges in the supply chain, it is crucial for Congress and the Biden Administration to collaboratively advance legislation and policies that will support robust growth for 2022 and ensure continuing economic recovery," said WDMA Chair Steve Tourek, Senior Vice President & General Counsel for the Marvin Companies. "Successful window, door and skylight manufacturers are essential for a thriving economy and a strong housing market. This National Policy Agenda outlines policies that promote energy efficiency and workforce development, promote sound fiscal policies and ensure a strong supply chain so manufacturers, their channel partners and consumers are successful in 2022 and beyond."

The 2022 WDMA National Policy Agenda is divided into nine different policy areas:

  • Energy Conservation;
  • Building Codes;
  • Environmental Stewardship;
  • Building Safety;
  • Housing & Economic Policy;
  • Tax Policy;
  • Product Supply;
  • Trade Policy; and
  • Workforce/Workplace 

"WDMA is looking forward to continuing our work with Congress and the Biden Administration to promote legislative and regulatory policy that will help recover from the pandemic, support housing and building construction and improve the manufacturing climate in this country," said WDMA President and CEO Michael O'Brien.

WDMA's 2022 National Policy Agenda will be distributed to members of Congress and key Administration officials.

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