WDMA Successful at the ICC Code Development Hearings [Unpublished]

The International Code Council (ICC) develops and publishes its comprehensive set of building codes every three years. They are currently in the second year of the code development cycle that will result in the 2024 I-Codes. Over seven hundred changes were submitted for this year’s Group B hearing process of which WDMA, based on recommendations from the WDMA Exterior Products Code Committee, took a firm position on 24 proposals that would impact the window, door and skylight industry.

The Results:
The first step in this year’s process was the ICC Committee Action Hearings held in Rochester, NY over a 12-day period in March and April. WDMA had a favorable outcome on all 24 proposals on which it had taken a position. For proposals that WDMA opposed, we were successful in either defeating or modifying the proposals to an acceptable point; and for proposals WDMA supported, we were successful in getting all eight approved at the hearings.

Key WDMA proposal results:

  • Recommended for Approval: Adding a reference for WDMA Industry Standard 11-18 (Analytical Method for Design Pressure Rating of Fenestration Products) in the International Building Code (S147)
  • Recommended for Approval: Modified the window opening control devices section to also clearly include window fall prevention devices (EB74).
  • Recommended for Disapproval: Proposals that would have created unnecessary reporting requirements on suppliers and builders. For example, providing research reports to code officials in addition to the existing requirements of labeling and certifying windows, doors and skylights (ADM31, ADM32, ADM33, RB13)
Next Steps:
The next step in the process will be the ICC Public Comment Hearings scheduled for Louisville, KY beginning September 14 with a final vote this fall.

WDMA would also like to thank the numerous volunteer members who also put in long hours reviewing the proposals and attending the hearings to ensure that the window door and skylight industry was represented in force at the code hearings.

If you are interested in any additional information related to the building codes or WDMA’s positions, please contact Craig Drumheller, WDMA VP of Technical Activities.
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