The Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) is one of the three standard writers of the North American Fenestration Standards (NAFS) and the sole author of the ANSI-approved Architectural Wood Door Standards. The NAFS performance requirements and test methods are referenced in residential and commercial building codes and form the basis for high-performing, relevant product ratings. WDMA’s Architectural Wood Door Standards are used primarily for specifying interior commercial doors.

WDMA is the only association representing the unique interests of architectural door manufacturers to the architectural community and the entire industry.

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The WDMA National Architectural Door Council™ (NADC) represents the interests of the leading manufacturers of architectural door manufacturers and their suppliers. It promotes the use of WDMA architectural door standards to architects, specifiers and contractors through information exchange, education and media awareness. The NADC embraces product innovation and environmental sustainability while at the same time preserving the high-quality and performance that builders, architects, specifiers and the end users of architectural doors demand. The NADC oversees all activity of the Architectural Door Codes and Standards Committee.

Open Up to Performance™ to offer a wide variety of educational and informative content, including a separate website,, which contains blog posts, videos, podcasts and webinars, created and curated by industry experts. It is also supported by a robust social media campaign.

The website is intended to help residential builders and remodelers, as well as residential and commercial architects and specifiers make informed decisions about their customers’ windows, doors and skylights.

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