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 Program Highlights
(As of June 3)

Making the Safe Choice: Inspiring Your Team to do Great Things
Speaker:  Regina McMichael, CSP, CET, President, The Learning Factory

Imagine the perfect safety world, where people made safe decisions because they wanted to, because it was every organization’s top priority and because everyone fully understood the meaning of safety and how and why to be safe. That’s just not reality; in fact, sometimes safety people even wonder why they do this job in the first place! In this inspiring session, Regina McMichael, “keeps it real” by sharing why she chose the safety profession. You will open your eyes to how you can truly ensure safety on the job (it’s not what you think). She will ignite your passion for what you do and transform it into the ability to change your life and the lives of those you work with by providing real-world ideas on how and why to change your attitude toward safety; not because someone is telling you have to, but because it is right for your company.

The 2019 WDMA Market Studies: Results & Analysis 
Speaker: Brad Farnsworth, President, The Farnsworth Group

Join the Farnsworth Group for this enlightening session, as Brad reviews the finding of the 2019 WDMA US Market Study. Attendees will learn how the industry has been tracking over the past three years, where we are in the current economy and what to expect in the near future. Along with reviewing shipments and forecasting, Farnsworth will breakdown the data from 2018 from the national level to the regional levels and dig into the granular information on housing stock, new projects and the trends affecting the residential, non-residential and remodeling markets, which continue to fuel the window, door and skylight industry.

Robotic Challenges for Replacing Existing Processes
Speaker: Peter Shepler, Regional Account Manager, Pioneer Industrial Systems LLC

Along with the value of robotic solutions delivering repeatable, dependable and ergonomic solutions increasingly labor shortages and turnover are driving industries to automate current processes.  Directly replacing labor with robots can be challenging due to the visual acuity and dexterity advantages of a skilled employee.  Understanding current vision system capability, End of Arm tooling solutions and material flow requirements will help manufacturers in selecting processes for automation.

Vision systems - Light curtain; Cameras; Lighting

End of Arm - Gripping methods; Precision spraying and coating; Tool change

Material Flow - Locating components; Fixturing; Placing finished product

Cost Components - Robot; EOT; Safety systems; Engineering: design, build, programming 

A Glimpse into the Pipeline- Highlights of Recent Fenestration Research and Development
Speaker: Robert Tenent, Senior Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

This session will provide attendees with an overview of multiple active areas in fenestration research. Technologies from varying stages of development including early stage fundamental discovery as well as near market applications will be presented.

The Digital Factory
Speaker: Matt Batcha, Business Development Executive, FeneTech Inc.

This presentation will introduce the attendee to the concepts of IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0  with a focus on how coupling these technologies and ideas with ERP systems and software can create "The Digital Factory".   Challenges of implementing The Digital Factory will be explored and benefits of this industry changing movement will be reviewed.

How Last Mile Delivery Can Help Your Logistics and Transportation Challenges
Speaker: Michael Heary, Director of Sales & Marketing, CDS Logistics

Overview of the logistics/transportation industry challenges. Discuss how last mile or final mile delivery services can help overcome those challenges and provide a better overall supply chain solution for manufacturers and your customers.

Building Resilience: The Role of Codes, Standards and Building Products
Speaker: Ryan Colker, Vice President, Innovation International Code Council   

Communities across the nation are facing increased risk as disasters increase in severity and frequency. Buildings play an essential role in the community's ability to withstand disasters and the impacts they have on homeowners, business owners and the community at large. Building codes are the foundation of resilient communities, but there are additional policies and practices at work. This session will specifically explore how building codes facilitate resilience, how building products contribute and how resilience intersects with other community priorities like sustainability and energy efficiency.

Window and Door Market Trends and Opportunities
Speaker: Ed Hudson, Director of Marketing Research, Home Innovation Research Labs

Based on a review of the current 2018 and previous 10 years of Home Innovation's Annual Builder and Consumer Practices studies, this session will examine 1) trends in the market for doors and windows, 2) implications of the trends to manufacturers and suppliers, 3) and opportunities for window and door manufacturers arising from the evolving market and industry environments. This presentation will include a look into trends in new home and remodeling installations, materials types, glazing and venting options, styles, Pro vs. DIY installations, regional differences, changing demographics, and other things that will shape the future of the market for residential windows and doors.

2017 ANSI A117.1 Update on Major Changes to Accessibility Standards 
Speaker: Doug Anderson, CASp, RAS, Partner; LCM

The 2017 A117.1 Standards for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities incorporate major changes to the required dimensions for wheeled mobility device clear floor space, maneuvering clearance and turning space. This presentation will review the major changes and implications for future designs and construction projects.

The Proven Process for Product Development
Speaker: David Claypool
Sales Manager, Lexington Manufacturing LLC

Lexington Manufacturing applies a disciplined approach to product development. This presentation will introduced the Lexington Proven Process of how an idea evolves from introduction to full production, and the critical factors addressed along the way to reach a successful outcome.

Canadian Energy Codes and Regulations - Where are they going?
Speaker: Jeff Baker, P
resident, WestLab

Canadian energy codes and regulations are moving to much higher performance level over the next ten years. Jeff Baker president of WESTLab Canada and Fenestration Canada’s technical consultant will be presenting the current state of energy codes and regulations across Canada and the proposed changes coming in the next ten years. These are significant changes and the industry needs to be aware and involved in the discussion with the regulators in Canada. 

Building a World Class Ergonomics Process
Christy Lotz, Managing Consultant, Velocity EHS | Humantech Inc

When ergonomics is done right, and human performance is optimized, there are two primary positive outcomes: improved employee well-being and improved business performance. Engaging stakeholders and employees in the process will not only reduce injury and illness rates but will improve productivity and employee morale. This session will walk you through the key requirements to introduce and sustain a world class ergonomics process. We will provide some tools to review your current process and understand where there may be opportunities from improvement. In addition, we will review effective ergonomics solutions for material handling environments and uncover the most important elements in managing a sustainable ergonomics process. 

Structural Analysis and Deflection Control of Glazing
Speaker: Raymond Roy, 
Regional Technical Advisor, Guardian Glass

This presentation examines structural properties of annealed and heat treated glass, related analysis tools, design load considerations, and discusses deflection management strategies. Understanding structural limitations of glazing is critical when considering various loads such as wind, snow, and impact resistance. Center of glass deflection is important from both an aesthetic and performance standpoint. The attendee should come away with an increased knowledge of glass strength relative to heat treatment, how glass strength is analyzed, design load considerations, and possible deflection management strategies. 

Analysis Paralysis or NOT: A Look at the Revised I.S. 11 Standard

Speaker: Brad Fevold, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Marvin Windows and Doors

This informal presentation will walk you through WDMA's I.S. 11 standard and the latest changes that will make it easier to calculate design pressure (DP) ratings for fenestration products. This will include total product  comparitive anlysis for fenestration (fixed and operable) tht are smaller than the tested unit and total extrapolation analysis for products that are larger than tested products. I.S. 11 has been updated and includes an interactive excel with examples for fixed, double hung, and casement windows.

Set Yourself Apart: Get Your Products Green Certified to the ICC/ASHRAE-700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS)

Speaker: Cindy Wasser, Senior Manager, Home Innovation Research Labs

The ICC/ASHRAE-700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS) has become the leading green building certification for residential buildings because it offers a flexible, rigorous, and affordable rating sytem. Home Innovation Research Labs' NGBS Green Certification program boosts nearly 180,000 certified homes and apartments, with additional growth anticipated, including further expansion into commercial and mixed-used multifamily sectors. Product manufacturers have an opportunity to align with this recognized program by certifying products as contributing toward NGBS Green certification. 

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