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Program Highlights for Wednesday, June 20 

Title: Window and Door Market Trends and Opportunities
Presenter: Ed Hudson
Company: Home Innovations Research Labs

Track: Manufacturing

Based on a review of the past 10 years of Home Innovation's Annual Builder and Consumer Practices studies, this session will examine:

  1. Trends in the market for doors and windows
  2. Implications of the trends to manufacturers and suppliers
  3. Opportunities for window and door manufacturers arising from the evolving market and industry environments.

This presentation will include a look into trends in new home and remodeling installations, materials types, glazing and venting options, styles, professional versus DIY installations, regional differences, changing demographics, and other things that will shape the future of the market for residential windows and doors. 

Title: The Development of Industry Standard Practices for the Installation of Windows & Doors in Specific Wall Configurations
Presenter: James D Katsaros, Ph.D.
Company: DuPont Building Envelope Technology

Track: Technical

When installing windows and doors, the proper integration with the building envelope is critical to ensure optimal air/water/thermal performance of the wall system.  In fact, the IRC Code requires that manufacturers provide installation instructions to installers to ensure that these products are properly sealed and flashed to direct water away from the rough opening.   

While this can be challenging even for standard building practices, new requirements in the building industry for air infiltration resistance and energy management, and the resulting wall system details, can make this integration highly complex.  In addition, extreme wind/water exposure presents additional challenges for the robust installation of windows & doors.

This session will highlight some of these key integration challenges and summarize the work of the FMA/AAMA/WDMA installation Committee to develop industry consensus standard practices for windows and doors in various wall systems, which includes extreme exposure conditions and exterior insulation systems.  In addition, a recent effort by this committee to address the complex world of replacement windows will be reviewed. 

Title: Cultural Connection to Safety; Why it's crucial for Safety Success
Presenter: Chuck LeRoux
Company: Andersen Corporation

Track: Technical

A safety culture is a broad, organization-Wide approach to safety management. A safety culture is the end state of combined individual and group efforts toward values, attitudes and goals of an organization's safety program. In the absence of this safety excellence in unreachable. So, what can be done to achieve this objective?

This presentation will discuss one organization's journey in their continuous pursuit of safety excellence.

Title: Energy Efficient or Healthy Buildings? How Dynamic Glazing Eliminates the Need to Choose
Presenter: Maure Creager
Company: SAGE Glass

Track: Manufacturing

Creating a high-performance building is as much about energy-efficiency as it is about supporting occupants’ health and well-being. Research has shown access to natural daylighting and outdoor views have a positive biological impact and are important to human health; however, we often sacrifice that connection due to the misconception that buildings cannot be both energy efficient and healthy for the people inside. On the other hand, we often design buildings with the occupant in-mind with the intent to bring in daylight and provide outdoor views, but fail to effectively manage heat gain and glare. 

In order to achieve comfort, occupants do what they must, leading to the common sight in many commercial buildings of “blinds down, lights on” which leads to poor design performance since much less daylight is admitted and must be augmented with electrical light, views are blocked or obscured and energy use increases.

The gap between “as designed” and “as-built” energy performance has been the subject of recent debate; however, this traditional trade-off between energy performance and delivering sufficient daylight and views, in a managed, comfortable manner no longer needs to hold true. Products are available on the marketplace, like dynamic glass, to provide building occupants with access to natural daylighting and unobstructed views of the outdoors while decreasing the building’s reliance on HVAC and overhead electrical systems and increasing the building’s overall energy efficiency. 

Title: Tooling Technology’s Vital Role in Industry 4.0 
Presenter: Mike Lind
Company: Leitz Tooling

Track: Manufacturing

In our personal lives, the internet of things (IoT) is exploding all around us: from self-driving cars and smart devices that learn our TV watching preferences to refrigerators that can automatically update the weekly grocery list.

Driven by mountains of information and, more importantly, the ability to understand and use it, a new manufacturing revolution is underway. Industry 4.0 promises to deliver on production demands for ever-increasing quality and efficiency, in the face of increasing competition and a decreasingly technical labor force.

Over 20 years ago, Leitz introduced the woodworking industry to SMART tools, a technology borrowed from the metal working industry, which accurately and efficiently transfers tool geometry and operational parameters to CNC machines. This was followed by TMS, a Tool Management System which tracks the status, performance and economics of individual tools. With the advent of increasingly sophisticated software, these proven technologies provide the vital initial link in industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. 

Leitz is literally at the cutting edge of this technology—working with a consortium of industry-leading machinery, IT and software companies to develop the uniform protocol required to optimize this manufacturing revolution. 

Title: High Performance Security and Other Applications
Presenter: Mike Altneu
Company: Unique Home Designs


When thinking about home security - alarm systems, locks, and cameras are usually the first thing to come to mind. The actual first line of defense for the homeowner is locked windows and doors. Enhanced home security historically utilizes security doors and window guards using either steel bars or other solid infills. Now there  is another choice - high tensile stainless steel mesh. This type of high performance screen offers an invisible barrier that provides a full view and blends into a home's exterior. 

Title: Changing Unsafe Attitudes and Behaviors
Presenter: Donald Thuene
Company: Donnic Consulting Group, LLC

Track: Manufacturing

Unsafe attitudes and behaviors are responsible for over 90% of accidents and injuries.  Most companies have spent a lot time and effort on training, PPE, procedures, observations and audits that form the basis for most safety programs. But, they have a difficult time making a significant reduction in accidents and injuries. The reason is the culture, "the way we do things things around here". In order to change the culture, everyone needs to be trained, everyone needs to be involved so that everyone benefits.

This presentation will focus on what attitudes, behaviors and actions need to take place at each level of the organization. Current training concepts that have limited success will be contrasted to proven, effective concepts. A mini-training will give participants an experience of what it takes to change unsafe attitudes and behaviors.

Title: Update on Canadian Codes and Standards
Presenter: Jeff Baker
Company: WESTLab

Track: Technical

The Canadian government is looking to push fenestration energy performance to very high levels. The increase in energy performance requirements is happening at all three levels of government: national, provincial and local. The intent of these changes is to transform the Canadian fenestration market to a much higher level of performance. 

Jeff Baker from WESTLab and Fenestration Canada's technical consultant will explain where this drive to higher performance levels is coming from and where the multiple levels of government want to get to with fenestration energy performance.

Title: Changes to California’s Prop 65: Technical and Legal Compliance Requirements Manufacturers Need to Know
Presenter: Kevin Mayer, Esq.
Company: Crowell & Moring, LLP

Track: Manufacturing

In August of 2016, the California Office of Administrative Law approved California’s nearly three-year effort to overhaul Proposition 65’s longstanding warning regulations (officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986).  These new regulations differ significantly from the rules that businesses have relied on for decades to inform Californians about exposures to harmful chemicals.  Manufacturers must comply with new consumer product warnings by August 30, 2018, a change that could significantly impact your business.

This presentation will answer your questions regarding the important legal and practical issues for Proposition 65 compliance for manufacturers.

Title: Sustainability and Product Transparency - Best Practices for Manufacturers
Presenter: William Paddock
Company: WAP Sustainability

Track: Technical

Product Transparency and Sustainability requests can be a major headache for manufacturers. Requests for Health Product Declarations (HPDs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Red List Free products, Declare labels and so forth can be complicated and time consuming. 

This session will explore the product transparency landscape and explain the drivers behind these health and environmental product transparency requests. Focusing on on how large institutional buyers like Google, and green building rating systems like LEED are rewarding manufacturers who provide product transparency information with points and even orders for products.   

The session will highlight best practices from manufacturers who are interested in participating in these programs, but want easy to understand best practices for managing.   

Title: How to Successfully Integrate Machinery into Your Operation
Presenter: Morgan Donohue
Company: Erdman Automation

Track: Manufacturing

The process of successfully integrating equipment starts long before you begin the equipment specification and soliciting quotes process.

This education session focuses on specific keys to successful machine integration based on the machine builder's point of view

  • Preplanning for the machine in your production line
  • Assigning accountability to an employee liaison
  • Getting your Operators on board
  • Verifying your facilities capabilities
  • Effective communication between the machine builder and the client
  • Ensuring successful machine installation and training 
Title: Beyond ENERGY STAR to Carbon Savings

Presenter: Jim Larsen
Company: Cardinal Glass

Track: Technical

Last year we reviewed the “not so equivalent” U and SHGC trade-offs used in the ENERGY STAR Windows Northern zone.

In this session we’ll expand the implications of that research to a national energy perspective.  Full window energy analysis needs to include heating and cooling energy along with fan power.  While high solar gain windows offer the potential to save on heating, “right-sizing” the air-conditioner to match increased summer solar loads carries a penalty on year-round fan energy consumption.  Acknowledging this changes the potential for trade-offs and redraws the boundaries between climate zones.

Beyond just energy, carbon emission profiles vary significantly around the country and are changing rapidly as the balance of fossil fuels (coal vs. natural gas) move with the market and renewable resources are added to the mix.  As the automobile labels state “your mileage will vary”.  Local effects go beyond weather and politics!

Supplier Appreciation Dinner
WDMA manufacturer members would like to show their appreciation for the dedicated service that our supplier members provide WDMA  year after year. The success of WDMA is the product of the close working relationships formed among our manufacturer and supplier members. All conference attendees are invited to attend.

Dinner is included with the registration fee.


Program Highlights for Thursday, June 21

Title: Looking Out on the Legal Horizon - Industry Trends
Presenter: John Nolan
Company: The Gary Law Group

Track: Manufacturing

Trends within the industry relating to codes and industry standards should drive the practical considerations industry stakeholders should make when evaluating potential risks and claims in the marketplace. We will first provide a general description of the bases, framework and settings of these potential risks and claims, be they legal (i.e. lawsuits) or governmental, and then discuss generally how the current trends in codes and standards may color those potential risks. By way of an example, we may discuss some of our own observations of the increase in the number and frequency of field evaluation of products and how standards may be developing to address concerns related to such evaluations. 

Title: Acoustics Do's and Don'ts
Presenter: Dan Braun
Company: Intertek-ATI

Track: Technical

The session presentation will brief participants in acoustics specifically relating to building envelop/window/door related acoustics.

Basic acoustic principles and test methods will be covered, including but not limited to:

  • Acoustical Terminology and Principles   
  • Acoustical Laboratory Test Methods and Ratings   
  • Product Characteristics that Affect Acoustical Performance   
  • Acoustical Performance of Common Building Elements 
  • Codes and Regulations    

Title: The 2018 WDMA Market Studies: Results & Analysis
Presenter: Brad Farnsworth
Company: The Farnsworth Group

Track: Manufacturing

This session will cover the findings and 2018 forecast from WDMA’s window, entry door and architectural door market studies, produced in partnership with Hanley Wood/Metrostudy and The Farnsworth Group. 

Title: Plan, Prepare, Produce
Presenter: Todd Tolson
Company: Pro-line Automation

Track: Technical

A brief monologue on the subject of adding new machinery and/or processes to the manufacturing floor. Topics to be covered will be identifying need, selecting equipment and machinery, preparing people and plant, and successful implementation, and production. 

Title: Robotics in Manufacturing
Presenter: Trey Barrineau
Company: Glass.com

Track: Manufacturing

As door and window manufacturers continue to struggle with labor issues, robotics are proving to be an attractive alternative. This session will look at how manufacturers are re-evaluating their processes and going to robotics, and at what speed they're doing that.

Prior to the meeting, KMR Director of Research Nick St. Denis will conduct a survey of WDMA members on behalf of the association regarding what they are doing with automation/robotics and how they see this changing the way they manufacture. Nick's portion of the presentation would show the findings of this study.

Title: NAFS 17 and Beyond
Presenter: Brad Fevold
Company: Marvin Windows & Doors

Track: Technical

Now that the 2017 edition of NAFS has been published and is referenced in the 2018 International Codes, this session will cover the highlights that window, door and skylight manufacturers need to know as jurisdictions move forward with adopting these changes.

This session will also discuss the changes being discussed for the proposed simplified version of the NAFS standard, which is  a radical step toward re-focusing NAFS as an end-product performance, code compliance tool. 


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