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Announced Program Sessions as of Jun 17, 2016 




Kevin LyonsHigh Impact Standards Development in Sustainable Manufacturing


Speaker: Kevin Lyons, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Reliable measurement methods and guidance are necessary to evaluate manufacturing process-related sustainability performance metrics. Measurement science and standards will serve a significant role in evaluating and improving sustainability performance of U.S. industries. This talk will broadly cover standards development efforts underway within the ASTM E60.13 sub-committee on Sustainable Manufacturing (SM) and at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Canadian Building and Energy Code Update


Speaker: Jeff Baker, Technical Director, WESTLAB

This presentation will be an update on the status of Canadian building and energy codes across the country. The use of NAFS in Canada and the additional requirements of the Canadian supplement to NAFS will be discussed. The energy code requirements and the Canadian Energy Star programs will also be reviewed.


21st Century Manufacturing


Speaker: TJ Dimke, Manufacturing Engineer, Lexington Manufacturing Inc.

The wave of product complexity is exploding data management to meet build to order demand. This session will discuss how this has impacted a supplier to the industry and what efforts are implemented for flexible production requirements while maintaining a commitment to lean. Lexington Manufacturing will address meeting these challenges through a period of recession and recovery, and how "Building Relationships, Creating Solutions, Delivering Value" successfully evolved a supplier in a new generation of manufacturing.


Benefits Of Interior Installed High Performance Insulating Glass for Commercial Retrofit Applications – A Case Study


Speaker: Tracy Rogers, Director of Industry Relations & Advanced Technology, Quanex Building Products
Buildings account for roughly 40 percent of all energy consumption in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). A variety of options exist for improving the energy performance of existing commercial glazing systems including: • Application of interior window films – primarily addresses solar heat gain • Complete window rip-out and replacement – addresses both solar heat gain and improved U-factor • Interior commercial storm windows - primarily addresses improved U-factor • Interior installed Low-E retrofit insulating glass unit - addresses both solar heat gain and improved U-factor This session will compare the performance benefits, cost implications and occupancy comfort factors for each of these systems with a focus on the advantages of an interior installed low-e retrofit insulating glass unit.


Sustainable Solutions for Efficiency Improvements


Speaker: Gregory Jansen, Director of Enhancement Technologies, Stiles Machinery
This presentation will focus on Sustainable Solutions for Efficiency Improvements in the factory and business office environments, through the usage of Energy Conservation & Efficiency Improvement Systems, Facility Humidification Control, Air Quality Improvement Solutions, including an overview of the updated incentive programs on the Local, State, & Federal levels, as well as some consultant options that are available to our industrial partners, in these areas.


Managing New Colors and Technologies by Understanding Latest Paint Line Processing Options


Speakers: Brian Martin, Doug Krusenklaus and Don Cassil, The Sherwin-Williams Company
How can I offer the latest color and quality options and still manage production requirements? Managing First To Market Opportunities for new colors and technologies can be a challenge for manufacturers. Companies that manage these changes, reap the financial benefits of additional sales, and often times, new customers. In this session, we will discuss color and coating technology trends and how to best manage these changes into existing or new paint line applications. Both WDMA and AAMA standards will be included in this presentation.


The Right Level of Cash Flow and How to Get It

Speaker: Scott Simpson is President and Chief Executive Officer of BlueTarp Financial
The Right Level of Cash and How to Get It What are your goals and dreams for your business? Are you in a position to achieve them? The building supply industry is notoriously cyclical. Most of you can speak to that first hand. We’re now seven years into economic recovery after the Great Recession, and dealers are looking for ways to maximize growth while times are good. But, many speculate the next downturn may not be far away. Will you be ready? And, how will it impact your business and the pursuit of those goals and dreams? The answers to those questions will be heavily influenced by your cash flow. Cash is always king, and it’s even more so during challenging times. This session will help you: • Take a personalized look at the state of your business • Size up your cash needs based on your goals and dreams • Explore the various lending options available when your bank can’t provide the line you need This session is a must for business owners and financial leaders looking to take advantage of current growth opportunities – while also proactively managing business risk and exposure for when tougher times arrive – by achieving the right level of cash flow.


Insights on Industry Procurement & Purchasing

Steve Kirby, Vice President of Supply Chain Services, Andersen Corp.
Kraig Koehler, Director of Supply Chain, Pella Corp.
Gretchen Withers, Customer Care Manager, Oshkosh Door Co.
Michele Evans, Supply Chain Manager, Cardinal IG

What are manufacturers in the window and door industry looking for from their suppliers and potential suppliers? Come hear from some of the top procurement and purchasing officials in the industry as they discuss their philosophy in working with suppliers, some of the challenges they face in these relationships and what challenges they see over the next decade.


What's Next for Product Transparency?

Speaker: Tobias Schultz, Manager of Corporate Sustainability Services and LCA Practitioner, SCS Global Services
Product transparency has made huge strides in the last five years. Disclosure tools addressing environmental performance and human wellness have become commonplace. But the lack of standardization has fractured the marketplace, with specifiers demanding that manufacturers produce a bewildering number ofLCAs, EPDs, and HPDs. The rush to development has also led to a "credibility gap”, with ENGOs, academics, sustainability experts, and large companies criticizing the lack of scientific rigor of some tools. A new LCA framework, being standardized at ANSI, ISO, and in a new PCR, solves these problems. It integratesall disclosure tools into one framework, reducing costs for manufacturers, while also providing environmental performance data that is more complete and accurate than any other tool. In this session, Tobias Schultz will discuss this innovative LCA framework, which represents the future of product transparency, and is critical for both manufacturers and specifiers to understand.


NAFS Restructured


Speaker: Joe Hayden, Senior Project Engineer, Certification, Pella & Chair of WDMA’s Exterior Product Standards Committee

WDMA has embarked on an ambitious effort to refocus the next edition of the North American Fenestration Standard, re-directing it to end product performance as related to US and Canadian code compliance. Learn about this effort to streamline and simplify the standard from the Chairman of WDMA’s Exterior Products Standards Committee, and also WDMA Co-Chair of the Joint Document Management Committee.


Beyond Beauty & Brawn: Value Added Coatings for Windows and Doors


Speakers: Amber Goodyear, Arkema, Inc.
Skip Gregorevich, Kalcor Coatings Company


Architectural coatings have consistently challenged coating formulators to develop finishes that offer exceptional durability in a wide range of appearances while satisfying the tastes of consumers architects, and designers. Today’s coatings can bring new value to windows and doors beyond curb appeal and superior weatherability. This presentation provides a look at how innovations in coating technology offer window and door manufacturers a greater toolbox for manufacturing their products in an increasingly competitive market.


Texas Department of Insurance Electronic Submittal of Evaluation Reports through the Hallmark Certification Program

Speakers: Rhonda Schotz of Administrative Management Systems & John McFee of WDMA
The WDMA session on the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) will discuss the history of the program, a summary of WDMA efforts to improve the process and the development of a new system to submit TDI evaluation report applications. The WDMA will discuss the details incorporated in the third phase of the WDMA Hallmark Certification Programs Client Information Portal (CIP) to facilitate an electronic method to submit and process an application for a TDI Evaluation Report. This system, which is available to any manufacturers certifying products under the WDMA Hallmark Program, will help shorten the time it takes TDI to produce an evaluation report.


Advanced Windows – DOE’s Vision for the Future

Speaker: Marc LaFrance, CEM, Advanced Technology and Energy Policy Manager, Building Technology Office, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
This presentation will describe the US Department of Energy’s vision for the future of windows and how they can further contribute to low energy buildings. A major focus is to pursue an increased value proposition for replacing existing windows with new advanced windows that includes reduced installed costs and greater quantification of the energy and non-energy benefits they provide. The presentation will also provide an overview of all current activities and the opportunity for attendees to offer their input on them.



Combustible Dust...An Explosive Issue

Speaker: Jamison Scott, Executive Vice President, Air Handling Systems

Combustible dusts are fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air under certain conditions. But it is not that simple- what actually is Combustible Dust? How do you prevent an explosion? Learn what standards and regulations you should be reviewing. What role does NFPA and your insurance company have? How do you mitigate the impact of an OSHA inspection related to combustible dust? There topics, questions, and more will covered in this informative presentation. 

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